About Us

CSDA Baguio is a digital arts, animation, web design /development school located at 3rd F, CYA Centrum, Kennon Rd. cor Military Cut-off Baguio City., Baguio City

Our Vision

Be a Center of Excellence and become the choice educational destination for Digital Arts in Emerging Markets.
Our Mission: We are committed to teaching breakthrough cutting edge technology leading into the mastery in Digital Arts.
The Cordillera School of Digital Arts, Inc. or CSDA was incorporated and has been duly registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Baguio City back in May, 2007. The company has since begun to operate under the guidance and regulatory policies of TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) and hand-in-hand with the organizational programs of the Animation Council of the Philippines (ACPI).

Our Mission

CSDA’s primary mission is to provide excellent and cutting edge technical training and education that shall empower its students to not only claim a status of qualification but also a readiness for competition by international standards in the global employment scene. Its vision is to be the school that serves as a catalyst and enabler, a school that equips students with the appropriate capability and ample confidence to fulfill their destiny in the field of Digital Arts. Its goal is to be within five (5) years one among the country’s leading sources of highly trained graduates who are ready to excel and make their mark in the various animation production outfits both in the local and international setting.

Though beginning as a humble pioneering venture within the heart of Baguio City, an added vision for the school is to eventually establish presence in every key city of the country. Such vision shall be achieved basically through strategic partnerships with other already existing educational institutions as well as joint undertakings with venture capitalists who share in the dream of bringing the remarkable creativity of the Filipino animator into the global arena. These pioneering efforts of CSDA are headed by founder Mr. Raul Boncan, Jr., its President, and Ms. Donna-Liza Lim Boncan, its co-founder and Director. These are two dynamic individuals who respectively bring with them noteworthy years of exposure and expertise in the field of Advertising, Graphic Design and Animation as well as in the field of Human Capital Management.
The added advantage carried by the school lies with its sister company, CSDA Graphics and Animation, Inc. It is likewise headed by founder Mr. Boncan, this outfit is an animation company programmed to perform outsource work contracts with both local and foreign animation studios. With the current trends in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) today the strategic affiliation between the two companies ushers in a new addition to the rising sunrise industry of animation, first in Baguio City, but eventually within the rest of Northern Luzon. Similarly, the first batch of graduates worked on the first All Digital Full Feature Movie “Dayo: Sa Mundo ng Elementalya” for the 2008 Manila Film Festival, an auspicious beginning for a start up school and studio.

In 2008 also, we began another animation school to serve the rich region of Central Luzon by establishing the Central Luzon School of Digital Arts, Inc. in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. The co-founders this time are high school classmates Rene B.V. Misa and Raul B. Boncan, Jr., who saw the great potential of another emerging market and hub in the region.

Then, in 2009, the animation studio CSDA Graphics and Animation, Inc. landed an Pilot TV episode named “Project Bond”, now currently in production. This 2009 too, we brought in Creative Director Nelson P. Udaundo as our in-house Director, Nelson brings with him more than 23 years of hands on animation experience with over 200 minutes of animation produced locally and internationally. Mr. Udaundo also is now a major shareholder to create a rich blend of business and creative leaders all in one bag.

At present the business activities of CSDA and ZigZag Studios, Inc. undoubtedly have become vital contributions in establishing Baguio City as the animation hub in the Northern Luzon region. See Less